What’s in our pantry

                              mary jane

We were recently turned on to a new source of trail-light food, Mary Jane’s Farm out of Moscow. No, not that Moscow; we’re talking about the college town in northern Idaho that is a jump-off point for a lot of fabulous river trips…so it’s no surprise to find a business there that caters to light and healthy trail-worthy food. Moscow is also home to Northwest River Supply, which also turns out to be a pretty good southeast river supply.

Anyway, back to the point. Our priorities in the kitchen are generally taste and weight, with ease of prep coming in last…but it’s nice to find all three. Lots of choices here, and the breads in particular can add a lot of variety and texture to an extended trip without the need for any fancy cookware.

We are just starting to scratch the surface with these products, but so far we like what we’ve tried (the old cliche of “it even tastes good at home” has already proven true a few times). And to whoever said that dehydrated hummus couldn’t possibly be palatable, well, you’re wrong (oh, wait, that was me that said that, never mind).

You can see some of what they offer here.

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