In our travels around the web, We’ve run into a few other nice outdoor cooking blogs and thought we should give them some props.

Trailcooking is a really nice site out of Washington state that includes recipes, trail reports, gear, etc. They focus on what they call freezer bag cooking, and their motto is “Do not take what you do not like to eat.” Hard to argue with that!

American Alpine Institute has a nice blog that is usually focused on climbing, but they broke routine recently and published a nice entry on backcountry cooking written by Jeff Ries.

Columbia’s blog is very general with a lot of different outdoor interests, but they had a good entry recently about backcountry cooking. In encouraging more adventurous meals, they write that “the joy of cooking in the wilderness is that, often, you don’t have much distraction—no ringing phones or the sound of the TV in the background. Instead, you can just chill and cook.”

Skeedaddle, the blog of the Anchorage Outdoor Family Group, published a review of the fry-bake. Their organization is “aimed at helping families get out of their comfortable houses and into the amazingly dirty, unpredictable and fabulous natural world.” I love the cover photo of them pushing a stroller full of gear.

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